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Civil Law

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Our experience before the courts was gained by assisting and representing both the defendants
and the plaintiffs in complex civil, commercial and administrative litigation.
We try from the beginning to evaluate the potential risks, costs and benefits resulting from
bringing a dispute before the courts and we offer the necessary consultancy to support clients in
making the best and most informed decision.
We offer representation in court in very different cases, starting from sales of goods, services,
disputes and disputes over commercial or civil contracts, misunderstandings and conflicts
between shareholders or associates, disputes related to real estate transactions, labor law,
representation in the procedure of judicial reorganization and bankruptcy for both creditors and
debtors, conflicts related to payment and guarantee operations performed through checks, bills of
exchange, promissory notes, documentary letters of credit, collection, etc. as well as in other
civil, commercial or administrative conflicts.
In this sense, we handle in the best conditions both the litigations involving only two parties and
the ones with several parties having opposite interests, at all levels of jurisdiction in Romania.

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