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Commercial Law

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We provide a wide range of services for our clients, starting from legal assistance regarding the selection of the type of company under which to carry out their activity, drafting contracts, relations with employees as well as problems related to the daily development of their activity.

Our team assists clients in mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions, divisions of companies; acquisitions of participation titles, commercial litigations as well as for other purposes.

Oferim servicii de recuperari creante de la rau platnici pentru societatile comerciale.
Societatea nostra are cei mai buni experti care va vor ajuta sa scapati de creantele nerecuperate.

We offer debt collection services from bad payers for companies.

We offer consulting and representation regarding:

  • companies, associations and foundations, authorized individuals, interest groups and other persons under the incidence of Law no. 85/2006;
  • judicial administration
  • voluntary liquidation (through the trade register); setting up companies
  • administrative liquidation (ex officio, appointments through the trade register) for companies
  • dissolved ex officio;
  • judicial liquidation (without dissolution);
  • bankruptcy;
  • auctions;
  • intermediation and sales of movable and immovable property
  • legal services in commercial litigation
  • legal services in insolvency proceedings, both for the creditor and for the debtor (counseling,
  • representation in court, filing appeals: against the opening of insolvency proceedings, against the table of creditors, against measures taken by the liquidator;
  • proposing and drawing up the Reorganization Plan;
  • reorganization management; Special Administrator services;
  • legal services for liquidators in the recovery of receivables from third parties or goods from third parties, for bringing them to the credit table;
  • other legal services offered to liquidators;
  • any other services directly or indirectly related to the insolvency proceedings.

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