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Company Changes

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Our company also offers legal advice and representation regarding the drafting of commercial contracts, suspension of the company’s activity, dissolution, liquidation, judicial reorganization, mergers, deregistration of the company.

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  • Establishment of companies
  • Work point registration and authorization
  • Activity object extension (CAEN code)
  • Name change
  • Revocation of administrator
  • Change of registered office
  • Temporary suspension of activity
  • Increase in share capital
  • Mergers and divisions of the company
  • Foreign representation in Romania, work / residence permits change of company name;
  • assignment of shares and / or shares (entry or exit of an associate or shareholder in / from the company);
  • the appointment or removal of a censor or the Board of Auditors;
  • reduction of share capital;
  • approval and / or authorization of working points or registered offices with activity (PSI, Labor
  • Protection, Environment, Sanitary and Veterinary);
  • establishment of branches and subsidiaries;
  • erasures of work points;
  • recoding the object of activity of a company according to CAEN CODE REV 2;
  • declarations or changes of the main object of activity;
  • reservation and registration of the company emblem;
  • completions of the secondary object of activity;
  • correction of material error;
  • changing the legal form of a company;
  • obtaining ascertaining certificates and punctual information from the Trade Register
  • mergers, write-offs, dissolutions, liquidations
  • Emblem registration
  • drafting articles of incorporation, additional documents, assignment contracts, loan agreements,
  • declarations on own responsibility, decisions of the sole shareholder, decisions of the general meeting of associates or shareholders, as well as any other amending acts of the articles of association of a company;

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